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Real People. Real Results.

100,000+ Sets Sold Over The World!

Real People. Real Results.

100,000+ Sets Sold Over The World!

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Let’s face it— after a long day at work, school, or running around chasing kids... the last thing we want to do is head to the gym to workout.

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save on gym memberships

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train anytime, anywhere

all in one workout solution

Improve muscle gain

save on gym memberships

shred faster

train anytime, anywhere

all in one workout solution

Improve muscle gain

Introducing Gymproluxe


With Gymproluxe, you get... ⬇

Full body workout ANYWHERE with resistance training

5X adjustable HIIT bands — great for beginners and pro lifters!

Premium steel bar that’s detachable and sturdy

  2x Ultra grip handles, 2x ankle straps 1x Door anchor and 1 carry bag - Giving you everything you need to a gym quality workout!

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Premium carrying case so you can take Gymproluxe anywhere and keep it organized! (£49.99 Value)

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why Men love
band & Bar 2.0


100+ Gym Quality WORKOUTS.

Anytime. anywhere.


Targets the Glutes & Quads

Bicep Curls

Targets the Biceps

Bent over row

Targets the

Lats & Traps

Cable Cruches

Targets the Core

Donkey Kicks

Targets the Glutes

Lateral Raises

Targets the Shoulders

Cable Flys

Targets the chest

Hip Abductors

Targets the



More effective Than Weights

Over 100+ Gym
Quality Workouts

From bicep curls & cable flys to Squats, The elite Set allows you to get results at home or on the go!

Up To 90KG (200LB)

Of Resistance

Feel and own a total body workout with plenty of resistance. Resistance bands give you many benefits like constant tension, resistance on more planes of movement, and linear variable resistance.
As range of motion increases so does the tension. You simply don’t get that with free weights.

Light & Portable

Perfect for travel or simply to take with you on the go. The band and bar set only weighs 3KG!

More cost-effective than the alternatives

Ever seen some of those full-scale body workout machines that can cost thousands? Gymproluxe can replace that, take up less space and save you money in the process.

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Designed For Men & Women Of All Ages And Experience!

100,000+ Sets Sold

For The Busy Type

Always on the go? With Gymproluxe, you can get a full body workout in just 20 minutes a day!

For The Non-Gym Type

Gyms can feel overwhelming. Gymproluxe brings the entire gym to you!

For Beginners & Veteran Lifters

Gymproluxe grows with you! Bands go up to 200 lbs of resistance (90 KG)

For The Busy Type

Gymproluxe is compact and easy to store away. Plus, you won’t need a lot of room to workout!

How does GYMPROLUXE Compare?


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One device,
multiple workouts

Workout anytime,

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Over 100+ Gym Quality Workouts